The trail seems to have no end.

Even when there is hope, reality is a thief.

Life has no beginnings.

Life only has ends.

Hell is 75 percent water.

Eternity is suffering. We will never escape.

Cal will never accept me.

To some, I am priceless. To most, I am a waste of oxygen

Others are always superior.

Racing my peers is a ticket to mediocrity.


I will never survive on my own.

Anything with value is temporary.

Malphas will tear down shrines, crosses, and dreams.


Soon, I think I will be unable to smile.

I can only see darkness.

God is just an excuse for greed, suffering, and hope.

Fun is ignorance of pain.

Icarus flew too close to the sun, but at least he flew.

Grudges are permanent scars. Ma'am, you know that you have cheated.

Satan is lingering.